I was tired of my social life being dry and wanted to go out. Don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or if I’m just tired of the club, but I wanted to go to an event where I’m learning something. So I went to Eventbrite, because it does all the dirty work of searching for an event for you.

I didn’t scroll for long when I saw The Femme Society. I was instantly attracted to it, because it sounded exclusive and I’m a lil bougies sooo I registered. The event was entitled Cocktails and Conversation: Balance. I was in at cocktails – no description needed. But it was described as an open panel where everyday women discuss work-life balance, relationships, and self-care over cocktails. Essentially what happens when you and your girlfriends get together, drink, laugh, and discuss your struggles and accomplishments. Yes, it was as awesome as it sounds. I went with a close friend whom I’ve had these kinds of discussions with, but with us it was gripe sessions over Chick-fil-A in my living room. Still a good time, but with a panel of women who have experienced what we talked about I left with more than a feeling of “glad I finally got that off my chest…thanks for listening girl’. Plus, I’m going to be seeing a lot more of her so I figured this would be a good bonding experience.

The panel was extremely candid and I appreciated it, because I’ve been struggling with where I want my life to go at this point. It was great to hear that everything that I had been feeling was okay. Working a full-time job and doing projects on the side is okay. Being tired is normal. Being unhappy and stuck is not okay…but you’ll get through this. They identified the importance of self-care and checking in with your support system. I’m not so great at the latter. It’s always funny to me that whenever something is on my mind, something happens…an event, a conversation, a chance encounter…it’s always right on time.

The Takeaway:

The greatest part was to hear that many of the businesses the panel started just kind of “fell into their lap”. What I learned…and it really hit home because of the novelty of this blog… is that it doesn’t matter if you’re ready. Just do your best in the beginning and figure out the rest along the way. One speaker discussed how she started her business without a website or business cards. If you’ve been here since the first posts you’ll know it came with the “the layout isn’t done yet…tell me what you would change” disclaimer. I literally created a logo that no one sees and bought the domain. Granted this didn’t just fall into my lap, but I damn sure wasn’t ready. I’m still unsure of my direction with this blog, but I know I want to share my experiences with other people. This began as a therapeutic activity for me/entertainment for people who don’t have their life together. If you can’t tell by now, I like to make people laugh at my pain and be a relatable source (I’m the go to friend for all things outside of the box). I just hope that in reading through my mishaps and life lessons you gain a little guidance, or at least a moment where you can say “SAAAME”.

Oh and the location was great, I just learned about MakeOffices.




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