Despite a swollen sphincter I floated to work the next day. You know when it’s that good your whole next day is rainbows and sunshine! So of course I was eager to meet up again. I mean after all, this is our arrangement.

Was our arrangement.

Now is when you get the glass of wine.

I let a couple days go by before I told myself I could hint at seeing him again. I was thirsty, but I didn’t need to show it. His phone is always dead or close to dead, but because he isn’t my man I don’t mind. As long as this message is delivered and I know that you know that I want what I need then I’m good. The only problem is that he isn’t super available due to his job. The main part of this contract is that when I put that bat signal out you come. For whatever reason, I’m guessing this was a sign from the universe I went to his instagram. I knew he had an account and for the longest he only had one picture. So when I went I saw that he had that same one picture and a video of him. He was dressed up going to an event, so I decided to dig deeper and check for tagged posts. Well wouldn’t you know it.



#YoumyRib <—I’m petty


My first thought was: ”FUCK! I just got this panel done, and now I have to take my ass BACK to the doctor to make sure I’m still clean.”

My second thought was: ”Niggas aint SHIT.”

My third thought was: ”Am I about to fake this pregnancy for $400?”  (I didn’t do this, but Sallie Mae needs her coins.)

I hit him up, after I screenshot enough pictures, saying I needed to terminate our arrangement. His reply was sarcastic. My reply to that was all the screen shots I took with the message  “You lied about having a girlfriend.”

“Yes. We recently got back together.” Recently has to be like 2-3 months ago by the way…I scrolled for confirmation.

I asked him “Why did you lie? We were just having sex…it’s not like I wanted us to become a couple.”

Y’all ready?

He told me that I deserved more than what he could give me, and that I was a genuine person who deserved love and all this other shit. I had to let him know that I am well aware of my worth, but that’s not what I asked of him. I wanted DICK, FOOD, AND WINE. I guess that worked in the past for women who wanted to be with him, but I know what I asked for when I created this arrangement Then he said something to the effect of me being his stress relief and how she is basically a stressful business partner. My eyes rolled as I sat here and thought about the long hunt for a new cut buddy.

My real issue is that I asked him when we first started this arrangement if he had a girlfriend and he said no. I knew that he had been off and on with this one girl for a few years. But shit if he said they were off then guess who was on? Me. I told him it was a violation on the deepest level, because he knows how I feel about women who are cheated on. I never wanted to be the source of another woman’s unhappiness, because I know how awful it feels. I also watch Snapped!, so I understand how women get angry enough to kill. I told him that putting me in that position was extremely selfish and wrong and he said he felt bad. The trust, the sex, and this bottle of wine is gone.

The Takeway:

Men can still disappoint you even when you aren’t emotionally attached.




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