Before y’all go off on me and ask where I’ve been…sorry! I’ve had writer’s block and I haven’t been inspired. Rather than give you guys some pieced together mess I decided it was best to wait it out. However, I’ve been working on a book that is loosely based on my life. It has been my therapy and creative outlet these last couple of months. If an activity helps you forget a stressful reality while providing joy – KEEP IT. Also, I’ve cut back on spending money so I haven’t been in the world experiencing life, so no haunted tales…unless you count the second degree burns on my hand that sent me to the hospital on December 31, 2017. It’s been a little rough coming into the New Year to say the least, but I made it! I’m ready to tackle this year, and I’ve figured out the direction I want to go with this blog. Oh, and I’m learning a second language. So yes, life is hectic. Good thing I have this amazing planner.

The major themes I’ve decided to focus on this year are (y’all know I love a good list):

1. Wealth – Generational to be specific. The inspiration for this was one of the many mini-depressions I found myself in recently. I was feeling like at my age I need to have my funds together. I’m an adult after all…have been for years. I high-stepped out the pity party I was hosting for myself instead of pouting and asked to universe to help a sister out – ask and you shall receive. I’m still doing research, because I want to do my best to figure out how to set my little ones up for a future that doesn’t include financial heartache.

2. Health – Is wealth. Also, I’m TIRED of covering up in the summer. I was the “whoo! Thank god winter is here! I can stop working out.’ girll who took pride in fattening up my winter body. Health and fitness shouldn’t be seasonal! As I write this, I’m on a 31 *cough* 45 *cough* day fitness challenge. It has had its highs and lows, but I can’t dispute the fact that hitting the gym and cleaning up my (garbage) diet has done wonders for my overall perception about life and toned my body day by day.

3. My Career – I’ve made clear my feelings about my aspirations for my career. However, instead of wishin’, and hopin’, and prayin’…I’m going to aggressively go after it. I’m even thinking of carving out my own lane side-gig wise. I’m so obsessed with the idea of working from anywhere  I want that it has been consuming me, and if you can’t get something off your mind that means it’s time to put in work.

4. Building Relationships – I used to be anti-social. I’ve learned, through my daily morning pep talks, that I was only anti-social because that’s what I kept telling myself. I would joke about how I didn’t like people, but I do like people and social gatherings. It was just that I enjoyed my own company more than 50% of the time.  Yes I like people and have a great time when I go out, but there’s no place like home (in my bed and writing my book). So, I have been making my best efforts to be social, and it’s not hard after you get up and put on clothes and venture out into the world.

So now that we are all caught up…let’s tackle this 2018! (I heard January was just a trial month anyway…so technically I’m not that late.)



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