The Creator

I’m a Jersey native who has spent the last 9 years living and working in DC/Maryland. I created this blog as a means to alleviate stress and express myself in a creative manner.   This blog is a peek at how my mind works and how I have always been known to cause a little trouble. I have always found sanity in writing, and I have always enjoyed letting the world in to view my thoughts.

The Name

I was at my graduation ceremony for my Master’s program where the dean was giving her speech and referred to us as Angelic Troublemakers. She alluded to the fact that we were the helpful hell raisers who would fight for the underrepresented populations and strive to get those people the help they need and deserve. This nickname always stuck with me, because I think it was the perfect description of who I [and every social worker in the world] am.

The Dream

I want all of my readers to feel comfortable in this space. Ask me questions and give me feedback, but just be comfortable enough to open your mind and consider the not so normal things that come out of my mind. Don’t ever feel like anything is too out there to discuss…we’re all friends here.

Happy hell raising reading!



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